Welcome to my official fansite! I'm a true exhibitionist who loves all things sex. I want to fulfill your fantasy, wishes, desires when it comes to all of your sexual needs. I believe a healthy sex life is a big part of a happy life. I'm open-minded, down-to-earth and very easy to talk to so don't be shy. I love cam to cam and the more intimate you can get with me, the more I appreciate your company. Professional, classy and sweet.

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Burlesque Hardcore

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As many of you have now discovered, I have decided to venture more into the BDSM world. I have been a cam model now for almost 3 years and after my dog died, I just didn't feel the same anymore about camming. I felt a loss of purpose. I don't know exactly why the death of my dog caused this shift in my mind, but, I knew it was necessary for me take some course of action.

Camming was also taking a toll on sex life with my husband. The penetration shows, although I enjoyed them were wreaking havoc on my urogenital health. I didn't want to keep taking D-Mannose anymore--it is still a much better natural alternative to antibiotics for preventing and treating UTI's but, research has shown it can cause miscarriages and since I am trying to conceive it would be better to support rather than hinder my chances of getting and staying pregnant.

As for my sex life, meditation and a lot of research into the BDSM lifestyle lead me to this conclusion: I need to stop profiting from my own authentic sexuality.

I wrote this post in a forum that I frequent:

Cam was turning me into an asexual. 

I no longer want to profit from my own authentic sexuality. Instead, I'd rather profit from a sexuality that doesn't really belong to me. It helps compartmentalize my psyche and keep my own sexuality in a respectful spiritual and sacred space. Basically, I'd rather be a very good actress rather than exploit my true, genuine sexual spirit. In my mind, it's just better that way for my marriage and my future as a camgirl.

I guess for those who really live the BDSM lifestyle and find their sexual home in the D/s type of relationship, they would think that I am a fraud and a fake. That is their opinion but, I see it more as role playing and that everyone has their favorite roles. I just capitalize on certain ones and not others. Does that make me a fake? Nope. During the time of a session, the dynamic between myself and my submissive/customer is as authentic as any relationship dynamic can be during that time/space continuum because I completely surrender to my role and expect the same from the other person with me. Otherwise, the exchange of power just wouldn't work and the session wouldn't be satisfying for either party. A customer is paying me to dominate/humiliate them for their pleasure. I will gladly do this to the best of my ability every single time and I certainly do find pleasure in doing so!

So, I hope that clarifies the why I have changed for the better. I hope to continue to grow with my existing customers but, I completely understand if they should feel that our relationship should end.

That being said, please look forward to the coming fetish videos that will be uploaded on a weekly basis. I'm hoping for 3-4 a week. Feel free as well to comment here on ideas for future vids or for custom requests.